What is DiiDit?


DiiDit is an online Business Action Network. It enables you to interact and collaborate with your peers and professionals to get stuff done online

DiiDit is built around the world’s oldest economic model: If you something for me, I’ll do something for you

Who is DiiDit?


DiiDit was founded by a couple of guys who needed to find a better way to get stuff done. The growing frustration of sending out survey or feedback requests to thousands of people who did not respond, prompted us to ask; “Is there a better way?”

As we kept asking that question, it became obvious that if we wanted something done, we would have to offer something in exchange. Yes, we could have put a price on each task and used money, but that’s messy and creates all kinds of taxable events, which didn’t make sense to us. Beside in today’s world of Big Data, information and knowledge is the new oil. DiiDit offers you a unique opportunity to drill for and monetize this new commodity.

Is this barter? Yes and No. It does work like barter in some respects but it’s more versatile, easier to use and quicker to get stuff done. Later you can get your own stuff done and draw from the diverse talent pool of the DiiDit community.


What is a DiiDit?


A diidit is a virtual token that is exchanged between two DiiDit subscribers when one participates in the others’ task via what we call a Request For Action (RFA(s). The diidit is a explicit recognition that everyone’s time and knowledge is valuable and you want to be compensated for them. The diidit functions as the crypto currency of business expertise and action exchange.

Every new DiiDit subscriber receives 500 DiiDits FREE when they subscribe to the system. When you post an RFA online and someone participates, one DiiDit is automatically transferred from your account to theirs. You can also choose to reward participants with additional DiiDits to encourage participation in your RFAs. It’s your choice!


Requests for Action (RFAs)


The core of DiiDit is the Request for Action (RFA).

An RFA is an invitation posted to the DiiDit community which everyone can see and choose to act upon if they are interested. The online actions you can request for participation can include:

✅ Participate an online survey

✅ Rate a special E-promo

✅ Review a business E-book

✅ View  a presentation

✅ Contribute to a charitable organization

✅ Review a streaming video

✅ Participate in a political poll

✅ Join an online research focus group

✅ Connect on a social network

✅ Join an online community

✅ Review retail products and services

✅ Respond to requests to rate or review a service

✅ Exchange online articles on topics of mutual interest

✅ Engage in an online contest or related activity

We’re just scratching the surface. As DiiDit grows, the community will create new types of online exchanges.


Why Will People Participate in My RFAs?


Because they’re going to receive something of value when they do. The first incentive they’ll receive is at least one diidit from your account when they complete your RFA. If the RFA poster chooses, they can also award extra diidits or a special reward for participation. The participant can then use those earned diidts to create and post their own RFAs and build their own DiiDit Network. The system tracks and  manages all diidit transactions.

Examples of Special Reward, win-win exchanges can include:

  • If a Diidit subscriber participates in your market research survey, you’ll provide them with a  copy of the report based on the survey.
  • If a DiiDit subscriber rates a series of online video business testimonials, you will post a link where they can download an eBook about their industry’s business challenges.
  • If a DiiDit subscriber reviews a retail product online, you will enable them to download a Starbucks gift card and enjoy a cup of cappuccino on you.

As you build and grow your DiiDit Network, you’ll learn more about what members find valuable and what types of RFA participants will best assist you to meet your business and monetization goals.


DiiDit Networks



A DiiDit Network consists of people with whom you exchange online business actions. Building your network is simple! Every time someone participates in your RFAs and you participate in theirs, you establish a network connection with them.  DiiDit networks grow organically out of your mutual interests and willingness to support your peers and colleagues with action.

DiiDit Networks are a powerful tool to drive business growth and knowledge.  Your networks will consist of people who have demonstrated they’re aligned with your business interests and goals because they participated in your RFA. Action is the most powerful qualifying tool in existence.

And unlike other systems (and you know who they are), we encourage you to build and monetize your personal DiiDit community. We are not going to disintermediate you from your network. We are confident that your success will be our success and together in partnership we will both prosper.



What Does DiiDit Cost?


DiiDit is free as long as you participate in other subscriber’s RFAs. Remember, every time you participate in an RFA, you receive at least one diidit as a reward and you can earn even more.

When you join the DiiDit community, 500 diidits are immediately deposited to your account. You can immediately use them to post RFAs and begin building your DiiDit network.

You can purchase extra diidits at any time at a dollar a diidit to help support your network and RFA projects.