DiiDit is a Powerful New Business Action Network

DiiDit enables your business to reach goals and achieve objectives via online reciprocal action.

DiiDit operates on the world’s oldest economic model: If you do something for me, I’ll do something for you.

How Does DiiDit Work?

DiiDit works by enabling you to create online requests for actions (RFAs) and submitting them to the DiiDit community for participation. It’s quick and easy to do. And when you participate in an RFA or someone participates in yours, you are automatically networked with each other.

What are Diidits?

Diidits are virtual tokens exchanged between RFA owners and participants. When a subscriber participates in your RFA, they receive diidits and/or special rewards from you and vice versa when you participate in theirs.

What Kind of RFAs Can I Create?

You can invite the DiiDit community to participate in a sales promo, a market research survey, take a poll, review an ebook, and that’s just the beginning. If it can be done online, it can be done with DiiDit!

Why Do DiiDit Subscribers Participate in RFAs?

Because they’ll receive diidits which they can use to create their own RFAs as well as Special Rewards if you offer them. You’ll receive help and invaluable feedback to help you reach your professional goals and objectives.

What Are DiiDit's Unique Benefits?

DiiDit enables you to create highly qualified networks of people who have acted in alignment with your goals and interests while helping you to get stuff done. As your network grows, it becomes a increasingly valuable business asset.


DiiDit Networks Make You a Stakeholder, Not Just a Subscriber

DiiDit doesn’t shut down your “organic reach,” “deprecate” your groups, and use other tactics to disintermediate you from your network. We want you to grow and monetize your DiiDit investment.  Working in partnership with you, we’ll both benefit.