Finding and Participating in RFAs


Finding RFAs for Participation

RFA Participation Type

RFA Participation Types

Finding RFAs to participate in is quick and easy. To locate RFAs relevant to your business goals and objectives, go to your My Request for Action Workspace. The workspace is constantly being updated with new RFAs submitted by the DiiDit community.
From the Select Search Type dropdown menu you can view RFAs by:

✅ Last 45 Days. This displays RFAs posted by the DiiDit community in the last 45 days.
✅ Qualified. RFAs that match your DiiDit profile.
✅  I’m Participating. RFAs in which you are participating.
✅ My RFAs. RFAs that you’ve posted.
✅ RFAs I Can P articipate In. RFA that you’ve posted.

RFAs in which you are participating are represented by green buttons. RFAs that are qualified to match your profile or are open for are purple.

Using RFA Search Options

Search Bar

Search Bar

To refine your RFA search, use the DiiDit Search Bar options, which  are available at the top of every DiiDit Workspace. The bar is broken into four sections:

✅ Select Search Type.  This option provides pre-configured RFA views.
✅ Enter Search Text. Enter search tags and phrases to help you find RFAs relevant to you.
✅ Member to Search. Enter the names of DiiDit subscribers whose RFAs you’ve participated in previously or who you believe work in industries or professions that match your goals and interests.
✅ Search Method. This enables you to make your RFA searches more precise. An OR=> search will enable you to find RFAs targeted at women or men but not both. An AND=> search enables you to target both.

 Quick Tip: Finding RFAs relevant to your business goals and is much easier with a complete DiiDit profile. The system uses your profile to show you matches based on the information you provide.

In most cases, you’re going to want scan through recent and Qualified RFAs and/or further refine your search by using the DiiDit Search Bar. Of course, DiiDit subscribers who’ve subscribed to your previous RFAs should always be contacted first about your latest projects via messageto your DiiDit Network.

Selecting RFAs for Participation

Participation Form

Select an RFA for participation by clicking on it. The participation form will open and display the RFA’s Description, Extended Description, the RFA Type, how your participation will be Confirmed, the number of diidits and/or Special Reward you will receive for participating, Days to Expiration and other details. After you’re satisfied this is an RFA in which you wish to participate, click on the I’m Participating button.

  Quick Tip: If you decide you don’t want to participate in an RFA, you have the choice to opt out before you enter a participation code.

Confirming Your Participation and Receiving Your Diidits

Once you have clicked on I’m Participating, the Participation Form is displayed. Then:

✅ Click on Go Complete Your DiiDit! to begin the online task.
✅ Click on the embedded URL or obtain the  RFA Participation Code. The RFA owner decides which you’ll interact with.
✅ Enter the participation code if one is provided and click on I DiiDit. If this is a Prove RFA, your diidits will be transferred to your account.

  Quick Tip: If the RFA owner provided a DiiDit Embedded URL Confirmation Link, clicking on it will automatically take you to the DiiDit Login Screen. Once you have logged in, your confirmation will be automatically set and you will receive the diidits were promised in the RFA. If you are already logged into DiiDit, the confirmation and diidit transfer will  immediately take place.

Receiving Your Special Reward for Participation

It is the responsibility of the RFA poster to provide any Special Rewards promised in the RFA Description or Extended Description. If you feel that the DiiDit subscriber has not followed through on the committment they made in the RFA, please contact us via the RFA Problem form at this link.

Viewing the RFA Owner Profile

To view the profile of a DiiDit RFA poster, click on the RFA in which you are participating, then the Owner Profile panel. You can then review the poster’s DiiDit profile.

RFA Owner Profile

RFA Owner Profile

Opt Out of Participating

If you decide you’d like to withdraw from participating in an RFA, click on Opt Out Of Participating in the RFA form. You will no longer be participating in this RFA and it will not appear in your RFA participation list under Select Search Type.  Please note you cannot opt out of participation after a DiiDit exchange has taken place.


  Quick Tip: Even after you opt-out of participating in an RFA, you will remain networked with the RFA poster unless either of you decides to break your network connection.