Using DiiDit

Learn the basics and then how to grow and monetize your networks!


DiiDit Glossary


Diidit. A diidit is a virtual token or currency awarded to members of the DiiDit community who participate in your RFAs. Upon subscribing to DiiDit, every subscriber receives 500 diidits that they can use to immediately to create and post RFAs to the DiiDit community. Diidits can be earned by participating in other subscriber’s RFAs.

DiiDit Networks. DiiDit networks are groups of people who have or are participating in your RFAs. Every time someone participates in your RFAs and/or you participate in theirs, you establish a network connection with them. You can then communicate directly with members of your network or asa group. DiiDit networks grow in direct proportion to number the number of people who participate in your RFAs.

DiiDit Networks are a powerful tool to drive business growth and knowledge. Your networks consist of people who have actively aligned with your business interests and goals, the most powerful qualifying tool in existence. And you can start, build, and grow your networks secure in the knowledge that we are not going to disintermediate you from your network by imposing future arbitrary restrictions on its size and growth. We are confident that your success will be our success and in partnership well grow together.

NAICS. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a U.S. Federal database of over 2000 codes that classifies companies. The database is comprised of over 2000 codes and is updated yearly.

Network disintermediation. Network disintermediation is a strategy executed by some of the major social systems to sharply restrict, limit, and even end the ability of person or company that has invested in building a community on the system from communicating with the group. One company refers to the process as “restricting organic reach.” You can invest in building your DiiDit networks secure in the knowledge that we will not interfere with their growth or your ability to communicate directly with your personal community.

Request for Action (RFA). A document created by an DiiDit subscriber requesting members of the community perform a task or help them achieve a goal. An RFA is in the My DiiDit Workspace and contains a description of the task or goal, details, and rewards for participants. Anytime a participant engages with an RFA and completes a task, they receive at least one diidit, which they can use to create and submit their own RFAs. In addition, RFA creators can award extra diidits or Special Rewards to participants as additional incentives to participate.

Special Rewards. A DiiDit Special Reward  is an online reciprocal action or item you can offer via your RFA to encourage increased participation. The DiiDit system automates creating a live online link where you can provide:

✅ Reports.
✅ Business E-books.
✅ Coupons and gift cards.
✅ Access to special content.
✅ Online Videos.
✅ Templates and software.
✅ Online learning courses.

Use the Extended Description field in the RFA form to explain the nature of the Special Reward you’re offering. For example, if you’re asking an RFA participant to take a market research survey, you might consider offering them a free report based on the survey results. Special Rewards are always optional.