RFA Creation and Management


(Fields marked with a * are mandatory)

Select Type of RFA You Will Create*

Creating an RFA is quick and easy.  To begin, click on DiiDit Dashboard, then My Request for Action Workspace,  then Create New RFA. The RFA form will then open. Assign the type of task you want your RFA participants to carry out from the Type of RFA task drop down menu. You can choose:

✅ Enter Contest
✅ Exchange
✅ Content
✅ Exchange Link
✅ Join
✅ Like
✅ Political Poll
✅ Poll
✅ Promotion
✅ Rate
✅ SMS Survey
✅ Social Connect
✅ Submit Content
✅ Survey
✅ Web Page
✅ White Paper

You can request anything from creating a book review to taking a market search survey or participating in a promotion.

To the right of the Type of RFA Task field is the RFA Status field. When you first create an RFA, by default its status is Open. You can close an RFA at any time.

Buy Extra Diidits for Your RFA

Before you post and RFA, the DiiDit system will check that you have sufficient diidits in your account to post the RFA.  The number of diidits required to post an RFA corresponds directly to the number of RFA participants you request. For example, if you have posted two RFAs with a maximum participation of 50 people, your account must have a balance of 100 diidits. If you lack enough diidits to post both RFAs, you can earn more by participating in other subscribers’ RFAs or purchase extra diidits. You can purchase these for your account anytime by clicking on the Buy Diidits panel at the bottom of the RFA form or from your DiiDit Dashboard.

Purchase DiiDits

Describe Your RFA and Provide a Participation Link*

Describe RFA

Enter a brief Description of the task you wish the RFA participant to perform. For example, “Participate in a software chief technical officer compensation survey,” or ” Take a public policy approval poll.” After the description, you have the option of providing your RFA participants with extended Instructions on how they can complete the RFA, as well as telling the community more about your goals, any special incentives you’re offering for their participation, and further details about the task. The maximum number of characters for a description is 300, but for SEO purposes, we suggest you keep it under 150.

Quick Tip: While Extended Instructions are optional, we strongly suggest you provide as complete an explanation of the purpose of your RFA and the incentives you’re providing as you believe you need.  We guarantee doing so will increase participation.

Next please fill in the Participation Link. This is the web link or site at which the RFA participant can carry out the RFA task. The URL might direct them to a survey, a site where they could download a whitepaper for review, a promotion, or whatever is appropriate. Your link must be a valid link that begins with http:// or https://. When the link appears in the RFA participant form, it will be  a live HTML link.

Quick Tip: https:// is becoming the new web standard. We strongly urge you to consider using this link type.

Select Number of Days RFA is Active and Number of Participants*

RFA Participation Details

Once the link is posted, set the amount of time the RFA will be “live” via Total days available to participate. Your RFA can be active in the system for up to 120 days. When you enter the number of days, Diddit automatically displays the exact date and time the RFA will no longer be available. You can also change the number of days an RFA is active if you’ve set the days available to less than 120 and decide you need it to stay active longer.

 Quick Tip: If you close an RFA before the end date you first selected, all participants will receive their diidits and any Special Rewards you offered when creating the RFA.

To set the number of DiiDit subscribers who can participate in your RFA, use the Maximum No. of members who can participate field. If you enter no number, the system will default to one participant.

 Quick Tip: We strongly suggest you always enter a maximum number of participants. If you decide the number is too low, you can adjust it higher/lower at any time until the RFA expires.

Select Reward for Participation*

You can choose either to offer extra diidits beyond the one that is always provided for participation or a Special Reward. An example of a Special Reward exchange would be providing a participant who took a survey a report based on the survey’s results. The type of reward you offer is up to you.  If you decide to offer extra diidits to your RFA participants, set the number in the Reward DiiDits field. If you don’t have enough in your account, the system will inform you of this and offer you to the opportunity to purchase as many as you need to submit the RFA.

If you decide to offer a Special Reward for RFA participation, make sure to provide information on the Reward and how it can be obtained in the Instructions area of the RFA form.  You can also send further instructions and links to RFA participants via messages. It is your responsibility to manage any links and any content associated with them. Offering a Special Reward is always optional.

Select RFA Confirmation Type*

You can select one of two options to confirm a DiiDit subscriber has participated in your RFA. The first is Trust. The other is Prove.

Trust confirmation is a good choice for RFAs that will attract large numbers of participants and need confirmation to be a one-click process.

Prove is the right choice for projects that:

  • Require stronger evidence of confirmation.
  • Offer a limited number of Special Awards.
  • Require you to personally confirm participation (such as writing a book review) and similar actions.

Embedded URL Links and Participation Codes

Embedded URL Confirmation Links and Confirmation Codes are two of DiiDit’s most powerful features. Embedded URL Links should only be used with Trust RFAs. Participation Codes can be used with both Trust and Prove RFAs. Both Embedded URL Links and Participation Codes are always auto-generated by DiiDit when you Post an RFA. It’s always your choice as to what confirmation type you use.

Using Embedded URL Links

You can place an embedded URL link on any web page or object that supports this. For example, the popular survey program SurveyMonkey allows you to embed a link in your questions. When a survey is completed, you have it redirected to an embedded URL link.

Placing a DiiDit embedded URL link into SurveyMonkey

To help maintain the integrity of your RFA process, this link will not function when cut and paste into a browser URL window.

Clicking on an embedded confirmation URL link automatically:

✅ Directs the RFA participation to their DiiDit login screen (if they’re already logged in, the link bypasses this).
✅ Confirms that the RFA participant has completed your RFA request.
✅ Completes the RFA diidit exchange.

Using Participation Codes

Participation codes are six digit numeric numbers randomly generated by DiiDit. The can be placed anywhere on a web page. Participation codes can be used with both Trust and Prove RFAs.

If you use a participation code with a Trust RFA, the participant copies the code from the web page and enters it into the RFA after clicking on the I’m Participating button. After they’ve entered the code and clicked on the Confirm Participation button, the system automatically transfers the number of DiiDits offered in the RFA to their account.

If you use a participation code with a Prove RFA, the participant copies the code from the web page and enter it into the RFA after clicking on the I’m Participating button. After they’ve entered the code and clicked on the Confirm Participation button, the system adds the participant to the RFA participant list. You will then need to personally confirm or deny their participation. Once confirmed, the DiiDit transfer occurs.

 Quick Tip: Confirmation Links do not automate the process of providing your participants with Special Rewards. Use messaging and instructions in your RFA form to manage this process.

Confirm RFA Participation

To confirm a subscriber’s RFA participation, go to your DiiDit Dashboard, select My RFAs from Select Search Type, select an RFA to edit, and open the Participants panel. Select any Completed, Unconfirmed button, and click on Confirm Participation Completed. The system will then transfer the participant’s promised diidits into their account. If appropriate, you should also provide information to the participant on how they can obtain any Special Reward promised.

If you feel that a RFA participant has not performed the task you requested, you can click on Deny Confirmation and then send a message to the participant why.

 Quick Tip: When an RFA is closed or expires, any unconfirmed participants in an RFA will have their status automatically converted to Confirmed and the participant will receive their diidits and/or any Special Rewards you stated you would provide unless you have Denied Confirmation.

Post Your RFA to DiiDit*

To post your RFA to the DiiDit community, fill out all required and any optional fields you choose and click on Post This RFA. The form will go live immediately and appear in every subscriber’s list of new RFAs posted during the last seven days.

Edit and Upate Your RFAs

To edit and update an RFA, from Select Search Type choose My RFAs and click on any RFA in the displayed list. The form will open and you can change and update days available to participate, reward diidits, number of participants, add keywords, and update and change affiliations and organizations.

Offer Relevant Special Awards for RFA participation

To encourage qualified subscribers to participate in your RFAs, we encourage you to always consider offering a Special Reward. The DiiDit system automates creating a live online iink where you can provide:

✅ Reports
✅ Business E-books
✅ Coupons and gift cards
✅ Access to special content
✅ Online Videos
✅ Templates and software
✅ Online learning courses

These are just some ideas. People who are interested in obtaining Special Rewards will tend to be your peers and most closely aligned with your business interests.

Offer Extra DiiDits for Participation

Anytime a member of the DiiDit community participates in an RFA, they receive one diidit. To encourage more people to participate, can offer extra diidits and an incentive. You must have enough diidits in your account to cover the cost of posting the RFA so always keep an eye on your account. Remember, you can earn extra diidits by participating in other subscriber’s RFAs or purchase  more at any time.

Add Extra Search Tags and Affiliate Organizations to Your RFA

You can add multiple search tags into your RFA to help locate highly qualified participants. To do so, type the tag into the Search Tags to Addfield, then cllck on Add Search Tag. There is no limit on the number of Search Tags you can add and you can delete  them from the RFA at any time.

You can also add or delete different Affiliations and Organizations to your RFA. These will be used in addition to any tags or organizations you’ve listed in your DiiDit profile. Click on the Type field and choose from Organization, Political party, Religion, or Trade Associations, then pick from one of the groups in the list.  There is no limit to the number of affiliations codes you can add to an RFA and you can delete them at any time.

Add NAICS codes to Your RFAs

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a U.S. Federal database of company classification codes. The database contains over 2000 classifications. NAICS is very valuable if you are interested in precisely targeting RFA candidates in specific vertical markets, many of which use these codes.

To add NAICS codes, click on an open RFA, then open the NAIC Codes panel. Enter the name of the industry, then click on Add NAIC Code to the RFA. There is no limit to the number of NAIC codes you can add to an RFA and you can delete them at any time.

 Quick Tip: You can learn more NAICS codes at this link.


Close Your RFA

If for some reason you need to close your RFA, you can do so at any time. Pick Close from the Status Of This Task. The RFA will be closed immediately. You can open it again if circumstances change. Please note that if you close an RFA, any participants will receive their diidits and Special Rewards.