Account Basics


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Managing and Updating Your Profile

Updating and improving your DiiDit profile helps you more precisely target your RFAs (requests for action) and reach out and network with people with whom you share professional and business interests and goals. It’s always your choice to improve your profile, and you can change your information at any time. You edit and update your profile right within DiiDit.

Create a Basic DiiDit Account*

To create your DiiDit account, please visit the DiiDit home page at and click on Create Your Account.

To create a basic account, you need to provide:

✅ Your actual first name.
✅ Your E-mail address.* Invalid formats will be rejected. We also reserve the right to reject any domain we believe involves illegal, fraudulent, or objectionable activities. 
Your password. Please note passwords must be at least 7 characters, have at least one non letter or digit character, one lowercase character (‘a’-‘z’) and one uppercase (‘A’-‘Z’). Passwords such as  password123456, qwerty, or abcdef will also be rejected in the interests of your safety and security. You will need to confirm your password.

After you have submitted your information, your account will be created and a verification email sent to the account you provided. Login and build your DiiDit profile.

Building Your Profile











After you have logged in, start with My Information, where you can provide:

✅ Your actual last name. (Use of phony names will lead to your account being suspended or terminated.)
✅ Your middle initial.
✅ A name prefix and suffix.
✅ Your birthday.
✅ Your gender.
✅ Your website.
✅ Your recovery email address.
✅ Whether you want to receive notifications when someone participates in your RFA for sends you a message via Email, SMS, or both.
✅ Your profile image.

Add Your Picture to Your Profile

To add your picture to your profile, select an image in .gif, .png, .jpg, and .jpeg format, then upload it. The image size cannot be larger than 50K. Please do not use cartoons or pictures of people other than yourselves for your image. These will be removed. Use of inappropriate images will lead to your account being suspended, or even closed.

 Quick Tip: Adding an image of yourself to your profile will increase participation in your RFAs.

Company Information

You can provide your current company name, its revenue size, your title, and even if you’re Fortune 500  firm.

Address/Contact Information

You have the option to tell the DiiDit community where you live and provide mobile, home, and fax phone information (Yes, we know, who uses fax today in the U.S.? But if you wish to work with a Japanese-based community, it may come in handy!)

Change your Login Email Address

In the event you change your internet service provider, change companies, or similar circumstances, you always update your login email address. To do so, pick the Change Login Profile panel, click on the edit icon, and enter your new address, then click on the check mark to save the new address.

Manage and Update Your Password and E-mail Address

DiiDit enables you to change your password at any time. We strongly urge you to create a secure password!

 Quick Tip: Please note passwords must be at least 7 characters, have at least one non letter or digit character, one lowercase character (‘a’-‘z’) and one uppercase (‘A’-‘Z’). Passwords such as  password123456, qwerty, or abcdef will also be rejected in the interests of your safety and security.

If you’ve forgotten the password you use to sign in to your DiiDit workspace, you can reset it easily at any time. Depending on whether or not you’re signed in to DiiDit, there are two ways to reset your password.

Signed out of DiiDit


  1. Click on Forgot your password?
  2. Provide the E-mail address you want to send your reset link to. Make sure it’s the one you used to sign up for DiiDit!
  3. Click on Email Link.
  4. Click on the reset link you’ve received in the E-mail.
  5. Enter your DiiDit account email address, then enter a new password, then confirm it.
  6. Click on Reset. Your password is now reset.

Signed into DiiDit

  1. In the DiiDit Workspace,  and click on My Profile from the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  2. Select the Profile “hamburger” icon or My Profile text.
  3. Click on Change Password.
  4. Enter your current password, then your new password, then confirm your password.
  5. Click on Reset and you’re done!


If you see a message telling you we can’t find an account registered with your email address, it usually means one of two things:

✅ There’s a mistake in your email address. It could be a typo, or the wrong email address. Double-check that it’s the same email you used to sign up for your DiiDit workspace.
✅ You’re trying to sign in to a different DiiDit workspace.  Make sure you’ve logged into the right account.


A unique capability of DiiiDit is that it’s already preconfigured with information about many of the most popular professional organizations, fraternal orders, and social structures you may be a member of or wish to communicate with. These include:

✅ Organizations: Groups start with Afro-American Sons and Daughters, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and many, many more.
✅ Political parties: We cover everything from Anarchists to the World Union of Socialists.
✅ Religions: Catholics to Wiccans and many faiths in between.
✅ Trade Associations: AARP to the Yoga Alliance.

Your affiliation choices are private and cannot be seen by other subscribers. They are used only to match your profile against other potential participants in your RFAs.

Search Tags

When you post an RFA, or when an RFA  is submitted to the DiiDit community, the system uses search tags to help your find participants and present RFAs for you to participate in. There are no limits to the number of search tags you can add to your profile. If you find a tag is not useful, you can delete it anytime.

View Your DiiDit Bank Information


DiiDit Bank Balance

DiiDit Bank Balance

You can view at a glance your DiiDit balances and transfers. Remember that every time you participate in an RFA, you receive at least one diidit, but the RFA poster can choose to offer extra diidits to encourage more participation. DiiDits are transferred to your account once your RFA participation is confirmed.


Social Logins

External Logins 70

You can setup your account to log in via your email address or by means of Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is becoming the industry standard for securing your important online services and accounts, As your DiiDit network grows and expands, you’re going to want to ensure it’s secure and protected. You can choose to use email or text messaging to provide an extra layer of security when you log in to your account. With 2FA activated, after you log in, you be sent a verification code to your mobile phone or a text message. Enter the message into the Verify field and you’re logged in!

 Quick Tip: If you click on the Remember me? box on the login screen, you will remain logged in to DiiDit from from the browser you used for XX days. If you use a different browser, you will have to login again.

Logout of DiiDit

To logout of DiiDit, simply click logout at the top right of the screen. Once you logout, even if you previously checked off Remember me?, you will need to login again.

Deactivate Your DiiDit Account

You can chose to deactivate your Diidit Account at any time. DiiDit accounts are never physically deleted from the system, but you can remove all personal information from your Profile for privacy protection.